Midnight's Happy 1st Birthday!

Yey!  Celebration! It's my cat Midnight's 1st birthday!  Weeeee!  We are so blessed to have this cute "miracle cat!".

Just one story about him.

One time when he was a weee little kitty, I had to have him checked at the vet. 

 I remembered the last time - he had to spend the night there to be on IV and get his strength back.  Consequently the next day he was strong and ready to go home.  I thought he was just restless but then while driving home, Midnight just HAD to relieve himself... in the car.  He peed on my lap and then pooped near the pedals (eeww right?) 

All I thought was "poor kitty he didn't do it the whole time 'cause he didn't want to do it in a strange place."  I kind of felt honored that he felt so secure with me that he could do it there (just to the detriment of the car!)

This time around I told him.... "Midnight, we are going to vet again.  Can you please not poop and pee in the car?  I guess just the thought of the vet makes him so nervous that this is what happened.

When I got to the vet, I needed to leave Midnight in the car for a bit to ask for assistance inside.  When I got back, I noticed the smell and thought "Oh no".   But when I looked in the back seat, there on the white seat covers was a little receipt (around 1" x 3").  Laying neatly on top of it was Midnight's poop.  I was so thankful to him for looking for a receipt to put it on top of so I wouldn't have to get the whole back seat cover washed.  Nothing was on the seat cover because the poop was so neatly centered on the receipt!!!  What a smart cat!  I didn't even know where he got that small slip of paper!

Oh well I thank God for him because I have so many stories of his cute ways.  I just hope and pray God gives him a long long life.

If you are wondering why he is a "miracle cat"?  Read on http://calej.blogspot.com/2013/03/miracle-cat.html

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  1. Your sister directed my to your blog site. Love it and wlll follow. I too have a miracle cat.


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