The Year that Passed

2013 was one busy year.  So busy in fact that it just flew by without my even noticing it.  But as tradition may have it, I'm counting the many blessings that I received and reflect on God's goodness.

The start of the year was unimaginably awesome!  My sister, her husband along with a bus load of Filipinos and I traveled to Jordan, Israel and Egypt!  To walk where Jesus walked was just too amazing for words.

Israel was my obvious favorite.  I felt like I was home.  And to think I was a bit apprehensive to go due to the random bombings and such.  The minute I came home I wanted to go straight back!  In my lifetime I wish to climb a mountain (like the temptation mountain) and join an archeological dig there.

Pictured above is Nazareth where Jesus grew up.

I loved the people, places, food, weather, culture, everything!!!

When I came back from the trip I started making hummus, salad and meals with pita bread!

Above picture location is known to be the modern day site called Golgotha.

From the trip I got to take too many pictures at bucket list Giza pyramids.  See a candid shot of a young woman.

After the Holy Land, I had a few more trips.  There was our beach hopping trip at Ormoc.  We stayed with a most generous friend and she fed us, housed us and brought us everywhere!  On the way we spent some hours in Tacloban, not knowing that after a few months, it would be devastated by typhoon Haiyan.

The whole family also enjoyed many days of pure fun at Punta Fuego, Batangas, Singapore and Las casas de Acuzar, Bataan.  The photograph below is from Las Casas.  We put on traditional costumes to match the restored buildings.

Some more incredibly enjoyable things I was able to do this year was take up kickboxing, belong to a band and singing to my heart's delight, saw my first owl who wasn't in a zoo, join a tree walk and volunteer at a local community event (TNP Sacred Heart).

Midnight (my furbaby) turned 1 year old this year!  You may think it quite silly to have an all out kitty party for him but let me remind you that we nearly lost him, so every day with this irresistible black cat is such a joy!  Read about it here

At the last quarter of the year though my mom had to be confined for an infection and for nutritional deficiencies (up to this time).  So glad though that people have been so loving, caring and supportive, always praying for us.

As the song goes, "What a journey it has been and the end is not in sight but the stars are out tonight, and they're bound to guide my way."

One can only hope that this year will be the most wonderful of all!!! 😃

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Calej lives in Japan with her husband. She designs and doodles for a living.

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