Seder Meal: a Christian Passover Ceremony

Every year, our family commemorates the Passover on Maundy Thursday.  We know that Passover is originally observed by Jews but we are Christians and we remember when Christ, our Passover Lamb sacrificed His life for us so we can share eternal life with Him!

The Jewish commemorate the Israelites journey from the land of Egypt to the promised land. Due to their hard labor and oppression, God heard their cries and brought upon 7 plagues upon the Egyptians just so they would let the Jews go free.

Each Israelite family was to have the blood of a lamb spread over the doors so that the angel of death would "pass over" that home.  True enough they were not harmed.  

Christians have also "passed" from death to life because Jesus' death has washed clean all our sins!

Take a look at our Jewish plates!

During the meal, we recall how the Israelites fled from Egypt and see their journey symbolized in food!

We dip the bitter herbs (parsley) in salt water to remember the bitter lives of the Israelites in Egypt.  We eat haroseth that is a symbol for the mortar for building they needed to make themselves and the unleavened bread the Israelites ate in haste (no time to leaven).

Our prayer leader, Charlie even won the tallit (shawl) and yarmulke (beanie)!

We sang songs of worship and clapped our hands in thanksgiving!  

Jesus' death won a great victory for us.  His death is our bridge to heaven.  It is the only way for us to experience heaven on earth. - To be free from sin and suffering, fear, despair and death (eternal death).  Jesus came that we may "pass over" from death to life.  Eternal death to eternal life.

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