Recycling Plastic Packaging

I bought a new case for my phone but couldn't bear to throw away the packaging. I wasn't about to allow something to sit in a landfill taking up space for a hundred years or so and have it feel like it has reached redundancy in life.

So here he is, the thing I've been thinking about.  I cleaned it up a bit...

It became a blank canvas which had to have a bit of color.

What should I use this for you think?

Will I use it as a soap dish?
Will I put some buds there instead?  Oooooopppsss I put them together! 
How about a candy tray?  
Pencil desk holder?

Why not drill some holes through and use as a toothbrush holder (add support by shelf supports.)

What did I end up using it as?  One of Midnight's food bowls!

Here's midnight.  He's not that particular about his food bowls.  He is more interested in what's in it!

Happy recycling!  What have you re-used lately?

P.S.  Want to know what I did with the other piece?

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