Daily 2015 Reflections

Feb 10

We each have different ways of doing things. We can accomplish a task with more efficiency or at a lethargic speed.  Jesus shunned how the pharisees did things as their hearts were far from God. We may do simple, unspectacular things for God but in the end, it's our hearts that matter to Him. If we do things our way, they are botched up. If we do things God's way we can be assured of success.

Feb 9

God is a God of order. He made the heavens and the earth, the land and the sea and man in His own image. We are the best He has made and the most loved. He gave us all we could ever need and we chose to reject God and all that He made for us. He brought order and man made disorder. God desires nothing less than eternal life for us. He wants us to have fullness of life in the here and now. Have I in anyway rejected God?  Have I left His blessings in my life in disorder? 

God touches something (or even just His cloak), and it is blessed! Man touches the earth and pollution comes, greenhouse gases, global warming. we really don't know what's best for us. God created fresh food.  Man, (in His search for convenience) created processed food and thus sickness became more prevalent. We need Gods' touch, God's order in our lives! We need to stop thinking we are God and let God be God! Let us turn to Him and allow Him to save us from ourselves!

God desires to reconnect with man even if 'man has forgotten God. He wants Eden for us-Paradise. But sin has come into the picture and has destroyed the possibility of Paradise. If sin was banished from our lives, then God is free to bless us! Provide for us! Heal us!  Let us strive for holiness and righteousness that God change us as we keep seeking God and His ways.  Amen.

Feb 7

God is inviting us to come away with Him to rest. God's rest signifies His abiding presence through the "deserts" of life.  The Israelites journeyed 40 days and nights with powerful signs of God's presence in the pillar of fire by night and cloud by day. God's rest always fills our need at the time we need it.  He gives courage for the struggles and though the why's of life.

God's rest shows us that God desires nothing less than our total wellbeing. He doesn't desire an overburdened life for us!  He wants us to stop, spend time with Him so He can bring us wherever we will flourish.  To respond to God's faithfulness doesn't always mean serving Him day and night but rather, soaking in His presence.

Feb 6

No act of love is even wasted. It is better to have a short life-but well loved than a long life without love. Love covers over many shortcomings. Without sacrifice it isn't love. Our life's sole mission is to love.

The worst thing is not to have lost a loved one but to realize you lacked in expressing your love to them.

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Calej lives in Japan with her husband. She designs and doodles for a living.

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