Free Printable Borders

Border designs have been seen on artwork dating back to the 7th century and they still enthrall us today.  Each masterpiece deserves a good frame.  The same applies to putting borders.  They make a lot of things more special.  A picture, a sign, a jar label - all of these look fancier with a border design.

Here are some you are free to print and use as you wish.  I made them all just for you!  You can use them as book plates, scrapbooking tags, gift tags, kitchen or toilette labels, crafts, wine and more besides!

Choose the borders you like the most!

Calligraphy Border

Maharajah Border

Flower Bush Border

Curly Curve Border

Carnival Border

Dots Border

To save on your computer, just click on the preferred border and select the Save option.  You can resize the border here.

You may use these in personal or commercial projects.   For things you want to sell, kindly just send me a photo of your finished product (just to make my heart happy).  That's all I ask.

If you would like to see more freebies and have any suggestions, just drop me a note below!

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Calej lives in Japan with her husband. She designs and doodles for a living.

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