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Free Printable Bookmarks

Hi!  How are you doing?

I've got a DIY project for you today and I really hope you like it.

We all know that today's world is extremely fast paced and most everyone faces the challenge of stress every day and we most certainly have a great need to recover and unwind.

My project will shoo your worries away (while you're doing it) and it will help you regain that carefree spirit of childhood!

So get your crayons or colored pens ready!

I suggest you print these bookmarks on plain, thick paper so they last longer.

Color them in with the hues that express your present emotions.  You will see how relaxing it will be.  Have some chill music in the background too!

Here's to a refreshed you!

*Please take note.  These images are for not for resale.

For more cool projects, visit the papemelroti crafts page!  It's also got links to scrapbook materials, kits and components you can use and they ship worldwide too!  Have fun!


  1. I really enjoyed browsing through your blog :) and you have freebies! that is a good thing. How do I get a freebie font? Oh, and I hope this made your day!

  2. I work in an elementary library and would like to print your bookmarks. Is there a link?

    Thank yoU!

  3. Just click on the bookmarks to save :) Thank you!


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