Choose Life

It's been a heavy weight on my mind recently.  The issue of life.

If you've watched any one of the Planned Parenthood videos, you'll know what I mean.  

I saw it first on a friend's post.  I saw it next tucked away in a small corner on the CNN website.  Being a graduate of Broadcast communication, I know that this news is big.  It affects 1 in 3 Americans (and possibly more than that figure).  It's relevant to everyone and should be at the forefront of the news simply because it makes a statement and that statement is that human life is worthless.  

But it's a false statement and I believe everyone in their right minds will still agree with me.  It's society that has chosen a certain life over another just because this other voice is small and silent and not so visible yet.  With all the technological advances, people have made the mistake of thinking they are the creator of life.  They are co-creators with God but no one can even cough up a tree.  Joyce Kilmer knows that only God can make a tree. 

So I'm an ocean away from all this hullabaloo but I'm still enraged.  What if I was the product of rape, incest or a teenage pregnancy, do I lose the right to live this beautiful life that God gave me?  If I were an unwanted orphan, will I want to die at birth?  Don't make that call for me.  

I've heard of rape victims who have not aborted the baby from that unspeakably horrific crime and instead of remembering the trauma, the baby helped to heal them.  I've heard of babies who were put up for adoption and who went on to lead blessed, productive lives and were able to love and be loved and they are forester grateful to the person who did not abort them.

Why do we never hear of the women who have been broken and scarred because they chose to abort their babies?  They are there.  They didn't know it would be this hard.  They didn't know it would cost this much.  People should hear their stories.  

Human life is so precious.  It's not ours to take.  It's not ours to sell and get rich on.  These are simple truths that shouldn't have to be even have to be said! 

Choose life!  

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  1. This is a pretty heavy post and I mostly agree with your points. Human life is precious indeed, and we have to take care of it, even if (especially if) it has be conceived because of our mistakes.


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