Meet Hailey

Meet Hailey!

She's my new kitty.

She actually chose her own name!  Being somewhat indecisive, I told her to come to me if she liked the name I called out.  I think I must have called her 50 or something names.  She didn't like any of the,.  I was getting desperate so I thought she seemed to respond to "kitty" so I ran through the list again, this time, putting a "y" at the end of each name.

Snow became Snowy.  Fluff became Fluffy.  Ash became Ashy.  Hail became Hailey.  Hey, she is running toward me!

Then I thought to myself, what kind of a name is Hailey?  I looked it up and found it was a word to describe "a beautiful girl who is lively, friendly and fun."  That was perfect for her! 

My other cat Midnight pretty much named himself too.  Midnight was the name I thought of and it was at the end of the list so how happy I was to see him coming toward me when I called it out!

Hailey has a sister.  Her sister's name is Bailey.  Isn't that cute that she picked a name that rhymed with her sister's?

Hailey is so so so sweet!  

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