Faithful and Grateful

I've been mulling over these two words that have been echoing in my heart recently.  Despite the fact that it has a pleasant rhyme to it, it's what I'm called to now.

No matter what other people do - break their promises, let you down, break you down or sometimes just be plain mean to you, be faithful and be grateful.

Faithful in bringing forth good in the world... It's hard to so sometimes when you think the world isn't too happy with you.

Faithful to who you are - the son or daughter of the living God!  He wouldn't want you lashing out when you're having challenges.  Be faithful to your Father.

Faithful to the people who you love.  Even when they aren't perfect (and I'm sure they aren't), be faithfully loving them anyway.

Be grateful for this life.  This life is so beautiful.  It's filled with great triumphs of the soul and boundless grace.  The day is truly not long enough if you started counting your blessings at the start of it.

Let's be grateful for the people God has given us.  They are signs of His love and faithfulness in our lives.  Let's be grateful that we are that sign for them too.

Let's be grateful for the past, our present and our future!  Our future is one full of hope!

Let's be faithful and let's be grateful!

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Calej lives in Japan with her husband. She designs and doodles for a living.

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