Every day is truly a great gift from above!

They say that counting your blessings makes you smarter, happier, more sociable and generally helps you live longer!

Just think about it, studies say that we get 3 positive experiences for every bad one.  In my life I think it's much much more than 3.

Let's see... today I hit my head on the cabinet when I was reaching for the trash bin.  Ouch!  But I cannot compare that with any one of these blessings...

He is the source of all blessings - love, joy and goodness in this life!

Seeing snow fall for the first time in my life!
I've been in a ski resort in Korea before (my brother won this contest) but the snow wasn't really falling.

Getting my visa documents a month early!!! (ok, that was yesterday but it's still something I'm thankful for today.  It's been an answered prayer so I be in the same country as my husband.)

I have the world's greatest HUSBAND!
(This should have been first but my family and friends are kind of all mushied up already since I kind of brag about him all the time.)  He fixed up the futon last night and tidied it away this morning.  He looked for my breakfast and told me he loved me.  I'm really so very blessed!

My family is the most WONDERFUL!
My family is truly amazing, even if they're pretty far away right now.  (It's not their fault :)  It's kind of mine since I moved here. 

And now I have in-laws too!  Even if I haven't met everyone, those I've met show me that I did marry the right guy and I'm sure those I will meet will be equally warm, thoughtful, kind and simply cool!!!  Special mention blessing is my brother-in-law Michael's recovery from multiple surgeries.  Wow thank you Lord for answering our prayers!

Of course, my friends who are always there for me!

There are more blessings...

Fast internet!
Thermals and coats
Washing Machine and other appliances ;)
Boiled eggs (my husband cooked for me)
Roof over my head (our beautiful apartment)
Our new prayer corner (see picture below)
Living in a country with the freshest food
Cats I pass by on the way to the train station
My work which is so fun

There are multitudes of millions more to say but I think you'll agree with me that what we have to be thankful for is so much more than we can ever think of.  Today is a blessing that is unlike any other and we were given this gift!!!  So let's be grateful!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Above is our (new) prayer corner.  It's kind of "floating" but my husband likes that so I guess I like it too!  :)

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