5 Minute Calendar Crafts

Blessed New Year!!!

This 2017 promises to be another wonderful year!

Make it crafty!

I was thinking of how easy it would be if we just put together some easily accessible materials and made something charming to tell us what day it is.

Here are 3 simple ways to make a perennial calendar for your home or office.


Thick Black Paper
White Chalk
3 Glass Bottles

How to:

1. Cut black paper into squares with sizes that are just right to fit inside the glass bottles.

2. Draw numbers on the black paper using chalk.  Make 1 to 12 for the months.  1-31 for the days and 1 piece with "2017" on it.  You can vary by making January into a word instead of a number.

3.  Drop the paper pieces inside the bottles and you're done!  Just change the months and days by dropping another piece of paper.  

*These make great decorations for parties as well!


White Paper
Thick Paper
2 inch Circle Puncher
Small Hole Puncher

How to

1. Punch out 3 circles.

2. Lengthen and stretch out the paper clips to be able to attach the paper on it.

3. Assemble and hang on your magnet board or by itself on the wall. It's easy to change the months and days!


Old Thick Book
Construction Paper
Textured Paper
Black Brush Pen

How to:

1. Cut the paper to size of the book cover and fold.

2. Write out the months and year on that piece of paper.

3.  Make 1 to 31 numbers on textured paper.

4. Let the book stand on an even, hard surface.  Then slide the number in using the pages of the book to hold it up.

*Mix and match the colors of your calendar!

Ok now get crackin'!  It won't take much of your time but the effort will be worth it.  You'll be organized in no time!  

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Calej lives in Japan with her husband. She designs and doodles for a living.

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