Women's Rights by a Woman

A girl is underage and finds out she is pregnant.  She knows she will face being ostracised by the community and all her plans for the future will be affected by this child.  She is faced with a decision, does she say yes or no?

She said, "be it done unto me according to your Word".  She is Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Now if she said no, we wouldn't have the Saviour of the world now would we?

Suffice to say,  the occurrence of an unwed, underage girl carrying a child isn't new.  But the question is, should the State be able to take the child away if the mother doesn't want the child?  Is the State the author of life?  Is this a matter of a fetus and not a child?

Everyone knows that what they say is just tissue is a child so let's just do away with that silly argument.

We all started small.  It takes 18 days after conception for the heart to beat.  Then, after 10 days, the baby's eyes, ears and tongue are formed.  God probably worked on the baby's sight, taste, hearing and touch first so he could already experience the world around him.  Recent studies show that babies could smell even before he is born.

So a baby has life in his but his mother has the right to do away with him?   Let's look at the right for a minute.

Everyone is exposed to Women's Lib, Women's Studies, Girl Power and all that.  Does getting ahead in life, pursuing your studies, getting a career, getting married first, having others' approval worth killing your own flesh and blood?

What women have a right to is - to know that abortion is not just the death of a child but the death of the mother's spirit.  You will not come out of an abortion unscathed.  Oftentimes, young women are made to think it is a good thing (because our "rights" often are).  They go to Planned Parenthood and they are not dissuaded to go through with it.

The woman says yes to abortion and just like that, it's like she steps into the time of the Judges, 1140 BC when pagan tribes would routinely sacrifice their own children.  Looking back at the story, brings a lesson.  When the Israelites would fall for the pagan practices of these people, they would be defeated by their enemies, subjugated and enslaved.

56 million abortions after Roe vs Wade has led Pope Francis to describe this as a "throwaway culture".  It's a culture of death.  

It's a time to end abortion.

So today is the Day of Prayer for Legal Protection of Unborn Children.  Let's pray as well for the mothers who are making their decision about the child in their womb right now.

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