Our Greatest Love

I fell in love with a song today and after buying the song sheet online, just had to do some calligraphy! It talks about our greatest Love ever!

O beauty ancient, O beauty so new
Late I have loved Thee and feebly yet do.
Though You were with me I was not with You.
Then You shone Your face and I was blind no more.

My heart searches restlessly and finds no rest 'till it rests in Thee.
o seeker You sought for me.
Your love has found me;
I am taken by Thee.

I sought this world and chased its finer things,
Yet were these not in You, they would not have been.
My ceaseless longing hid the deeper truth,
In all my desiring, I was desiring You.

Lord in my deafness You cried out to me.
I drew my breath and now Your fragrance I breathe
O Fount of Life; You are forever the same;
O Fire of Love; come set me a flame.

(from Prayer of Saint Augustine, song by Ed Conlin, 
composed after he read The Confessions)

Happy Valentines' Day everyone!  May we experience the greatest love we could ever have in this life!

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Calej lives in Japan with her husband. She designs and doodles for a living.


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