Use What You Have

Sometimes I see a piece of art that just inspires me so much that I want to buy all the materials the artist used to create that piece.

I find myself at the art supply store looking for the exact brush or nib or brand.

Then a bad thing happens, I won't use what I bought!

Has this ever happened to you? Well consider yourself patted on the back if it hasn't.

All too often I buy something and realize I already had something similar.

So, in reminding myself with this graphic to USE WHAT YOU HAVE. Don't go looking for what you don't have - but look at what you already have!

For all you know, you're only meant to use these exact materials to make a piece that is uniquely you!!!

This goes with life too! We may think, "if only I was thinner.." or "smarter" or "more creative". No, use what you have, be who you are (with all the flaws) and what you have will become beautiful! (Or already is!!!)

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Calej lives in Japan with her husband. She designs and doodles for a living.


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