Things We Can Do for Lent

Today I believe God's love nudged me in a strong way.

As I approached Lent, I recalled previous seasons feeling like I flunked it. I would make a lot of resolutions and then I wouldn't be able to do everything I wanted to.

But God in His faithfulness isn't holding a score card. He is truly wonderful and His mercy is without limit.

I went to mass and as I received communion, feeling so unworthy of God's goodness, the Eucharistic minister (unwittingly) gave me 2 Hosts! It has never happened before and the church was packed to overflowing so I'm sure it wasn't for lack of communicants.

I believe God was telling me something. He wanted me to feel welcome and to be reminded that it's not my good deeds that will win me the crown of salvation but only my faith and His grace!

So I am greatly encouraged to begin Lent quite ambitiously. But then one shouldn't boast or else we lose all spiritual benefit!

Suffice to say that I'm going to share some tools so your Lenten journey will be blessed. I will also share with you some inspiration points from my journal.

Let's read up on what the Pope said.  He's a man with so much wisdom and heart!  His simple reflection on Luke 16's parable of the rich man and Lazarus holds precious truths.

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And now for the most awaited portion of my post (oh really now?)... you're getting a sneak peek into my journal.

These are from notes I took during our community's conference.  I'm part of Ang Ligaya ng Panginoon community (The Joy of the Lord) here in the Philippines.  The community has been around since 1975 and I've actually been a member for the most part of my life.  It's truly a place where we see God's face in the love we have for one another.

So... I won't be talking about everything on here, but just 1 or 2 points.

If you're a Christian, then automatically you are also a missionary.  Whether you stay at home and feed 11 cats or find yourself in an airplane more than on land, you are still a missionary.  You're called to bring Christ to the world. 

So even if you can share your faith only on the computer, then do that - because every person needs to know they are SO VERY LOVED by God!  (That's what's meant by participating in social media).

This year, we want to obey God's call to "enlarge our tent".  We want to be channels of faith to the world, not just our own little worlds!

I love the quote from Schindler's List - indeed when we love people, we are able to save them and ourselves too!

Put out into the Deep!  Duc in Altum!  These words have been speaking to me forever!

Sorry my fingers must be tired already.  These pages seem a lot messier than the previous ones, but they still remind me of what's essential - unity!

Some of us get really riled up about politics.  We get to say silly things and ruin relationships.  Let's stand up for what is right but still be loving and respectful of others' opinions.

It's a war out there!  There are forces tugging at us every day!  Let's be grounded in God's Word.  When posting on social media, we should be able to say it face to face.  That's a good guideline.

Holiness seems to be such an unreachable goal.  We were inspired to take that first step and climb the mountains of life to reach holiness!  It's what God wants!  He is an all or nothing God.

So we can!  We can be saints!  Isn't this a perfect thought for the Lenten season?  Let's keep climbing and reaching for the Lord.  He is stretching out His hand to us in love and pulling us up!  He will fight our battles for us, we only have to be still!

Wishing all of you a blessed Ash Wednesday and Lenten season!

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