A Silent War

A war has been waging without people really noticing.

In the late 60's, people started rebelling against the norm.  The birth control pill was invented ... soon after the sexual revolution started.  Prayer was banned in schools.  Drugs and promiscuity abounded.  People wanted to be "free".  Free from laws and restrictions and authority.

They waged a war.  It was a war on virtue, holiness and God's law.  Basically a war against God.

Decades later, we see a world torn by strife.  Countries waging wars within themselves still fighting about the same issues.  More than 60 million babies have been aborted in the name of women's rights.

But if we look at God's laws, it seems silly to want to run away from them.  Let's see how the Bible describes God's law...

Psalm 19 says a lot about how wonderful God's law is.

If you're a parent, you know how difficult it is to discipline a child.  But you also know that you need to set some rules for your child's good. 

"Don't play in the middle of the road" is a good example.  Now if the child was obedient, he would be much safer than the child who wishes to be "free" from rules and restrictions.

God's law is pretty much the same thing.  We should be running after them and studying them, so that we can be better off!  Don't you think?

If a parent had a magic wand to instantly make his child obedient... consequently removing his freedom to choose, would he use it?  He might. But what kind of child would he have?  He'd ultimately have a robot.

If the Creator of the whole universe loved us enough to give us the choice to follow Him or not - isn't the best, most wisest thing to do be to follow His law to the letter?  Simply because He knows best.  Father does know best.  

We need to stop playing in the middle of the road!  We need to stop playing with fire in our lives. We need to stop thinking we know best!  Let's not experiment with our souls.  He has seen it all. He is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the last!  Let's follow His laws!  Let's not live for ourselves.  Life is short.  Let's live the best way ever - God's way!

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