Make your own Manger

Christmas is such a special time. It's when family and friends get together, exchange gifts and express their love!  It's just the best season in all the year!

Just because it's Christmas, it's time to prepare for it and make it all the more meaningful.  I'm sharing with you one of the things I've worked on to make our home decorations more unique!

When my husband came home yesterday, the first thing he saw was this manger scene and he said it was such a beautiful sight!

Here's the downloadable face you can trace if you don't want to draw freely on the cloth.  Just right click on it and save on your computer.  You can use tracing paper or use these alternative ways to trace the image.


How to Make your own Manger

Here's a closeup of the dolls.  You can make them more colorful for sure!

Just to let you know, I used mostly recyclable materials just lying around our home.  I only bought the lights and nothing more!  So this project doesn't cost much!

Let me know how you made your Christmas decor special in the comments below!

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