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Happy Filipino Heritage Festival Month!

May is a busy time under the sun in the Philippines.  As the weather rises, families flock to the beaches and to places like the mountain province to enjoy cooler weather.  Parents would take the children out of town and go on vacations since a lot of the school children are on break.

It's the time of year where 2 popular festivals take place: the Pulilan Carabao Festival [May 14-15] and the Pahiyas Festival [May 15].  These genuinely Filipino traditional events are full of fun and feasting so it's a big draw even for tourists.

My summers as a child were spent drawing and painting on products we would sell at our family gift shop.  Being the youngest had its perks.  My siblings generously made toys for me.  My sister drew a paper doll girl with colored pencils and my brother drew a paper doll guy using watercolor.  They also drew and colored the clothes to go with it.  My other sisters sewed doll dresses for my Barbie dolls.  These became my most cherished toys as they were painstakingly handmade and were all one of a kind.

As a tribute to another important May day - the International Day of Families on the 15th, I made a paper doll man and woman for all children and children-at-heart.  This is a gift in return for what I've received!

These paper dolls can be used as decor on scrapbooks and planners as well.  Just print the downloadable sheets on thick paper using your full color printer.  Cut carefully and play!

The dresses are patterned from old photographs from the turn of the century.  Below is a Spanish Filipina Mestiza in 1899.


Size 8.2 x 11 inches

Size 8.2 x 11 inches

This giveaway is only until the 5th of November 2018.

The images are for personal use only.

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