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Get Ready for Lent 2021 ⛪


Are you ready for Lent?  I'm not!  I am totally unprepared for it but I still want to find all the resources I can for it to be a Lent like no other.  I think exploring these links will definitely push you in the right direction.

If you are like me and pretty much undecided, take this quiz (it helped me a lot) and then look at the FREE things below.

Before the free stuff, let's make sure to go to Holy Mass as often as we are able.  I would highly recommend (and the Blessed Mother Mary would too as well as all the saints and angels) to pray the Holy Rosary every day (and several times a day if possible).  You can pray with others around the world here.

Here are the retreats and resources I compiled for papemelroti.  These are all FREE and absolutely wonderful!  

Other beautiful souls have created art for this most special season.  I want to make my own but as usual, I haven't had the time.  These links are not particularly new but still very much relevant.  You can easily download and print these for any year.

Free e-Book

Free Lenten Journal

Lectio Divina Journal with spaces to write on for your daily meditations by Kate Taliaferro

Free Lent Coloring Pages

Enjoy the timeless art of coloring.  It would be a time to meditate and pray as well.  It can also be a fun, artsy day with children!  This would be a nice time to tell them the significance of Lent.  Big thanks for all of these nice illustrations!

Did you like any of these (or all)?  I hope so!  If you have additions, corrections or any comments, feel free to add them below.  Have a most blessed Christ-centered Lent.


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