The Red Underpants

No Greater Love

Why did Jesus NOT say "No one has greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for the world"? Isn't that what He did?

I think it's because when we are hurt by strangers, it does not feel as bad as when we are hurt by those we love. Even the greatest accident by a stranger hitting you on the road, when you know it was unintentional, does not hurt you emotionally (just physically) but when it is someone you love who hurts you, it scars for years and years and years.

It was Jesus' pain that Judas who knew Him and all the good things He did at every second of His ministry - still abandoned Him at His hour of greatest need.

When we look at the Cross, do we know that it is just us, His friends, that He died for? Do we know how much He really loves us?

What amazing love Jesus has for His disciples because even when they abandoned Him who they loved the most, Jesus sought for them in the sea, He baked fish for them (super healthy food) and forgave them with great joy in His heart.

Isn't it that the greatest sinners always (if He turns to God), become the greatest saints?

I hope we can turn to our families and love them, thank them and hug them knowing that they are the friends God gave to us from birth - let us pray for those who have gone ahead so that one day, we can all be together and just say, "sorry" and "thanks".


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