Pope Saint Damasus I, Patron of Archeologists

If you have a Bible in your home, it is in large part because of the efforts of Pope Saint Damasus I.  It was during his papacy that the Council in Rome decreed which books were to be part of sacred scripture.  He commissioned Saint Jerome to finish the Vulgate translation.  That was the year 382. It was a time of great confusion in the Church with many opposing views being pushed forward such as Arianism and Apollinarianism.  Arianism was advocated by Arius which falsely stated that Jesus was not divine but a created being. Apollinarianism was a heretical view by Apollinaris that Jesus had a divine mind but a human body. Pope Saint Damasus was faithful to his duty as the 37th pope in defending the faith.  His reign saw the establishment of Christianity as the official religion of the Roman state. He honored the saints and martyrs by restoring their graves, catacombs, and shrines.  He also wrote poetry dedicated to them. He is the patron of archeologists. Today, December 11th is his fe

Blessed Clelia Merloni, Patron of the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Blessed Clelia Merloni, Patron of the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

"How can I become holy? By doing as best as I can everything that will be asked of me each day."  - Blessed Clelia Merloni

There is a group of religious sisters who live by the words, "The love of Christ impels us".  They have dedicated their lives to God by doing parish work, providing education, social, legal, and medical care for the poor, elderly, orphans, and all in need.

This congregation was established by Clelia Merloni, a holy woman of deep faith and prayer devoted to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

She lived in 19th-century Italy and was born into a wealthy and prominent family.  Her father wanted her to take over the business but what her heart really desired was to become a nun.  Her father became very hostile to religion and Catholicism in particular because he was totally engrossed in the business and joined the Freemasons.  Clelia prayed unceasingly for her father and offered reparation.  God heard her prayer as he converted to the faith towards the end of his life.

Upon his death, Clelia was able to pursue a religious vocation.  At the time she was very ill with a lung ailment but after doing a novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, she was miraculously cured.  She also realized her calling to form a new congregation.  This was called the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  Today their mission spans 14 countries.  Blessed Clelia Merloni is their patron saint.

Today, November 21st is her feast day.  Blessed Clelia Merloni, please pray for us!


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