Pope Saint Damasus I, Patron of Archeologists

If you have a Bible in your home, it is in large part because of the efforts of Pope Saint Damasus I.  It was during his papacy that the Council in Rome decreed which books were to be part of sacred scripture.  He commissioned Saint Jerome to finish the Vulgate translation.  That was the year 382. It was a time of great confusion in the Church with many opposing views being pushed forward such as Arianism and Apollinarianism.  Arianism was advocated by Arius which falsely stated that Jesus was not divine but a created being. Apollinarianism was a heretical view by Apollinaris that Jesus had a divine mind but a human body. Pope Saint Damasus was faithful to his duty as the 37th pope in defending the faith.  His reign saw the establishment of Christianity as the official religion of the Roman state. He honored the saints and martyrs by restoring their graves, catacombs, and shrines.  He also wrote poetry dedicated to them. He is the patron of archeologists. Today, December 11th is his fe

Saint Edmund of East Anglia, Patron of Kings

Saint Edmund of East Anglia, Patron of Kings

Imagine yourself being crowned king at the age of 14.  This was the life of King Edward of East Anglia.  He was enthroned by Bishop Saint Humbert of Elmham on Christmas day in the year 855.

By all accounts, he was an exemplary ruler who was kind and just.  He had a genuine concern for all of his people.  He wished to serve God faithfully and spent a year memorizing the Psalter by heart.  

Alas, an invasion by the Danish Vikings forced him to lead his army into several battles and was eventually overpowered.  His enemies ordered him to give his people over to them but he refused.  He bravely defended them until his last breath under the hand of his oppressors.  He died before he reached the age of 30.

He is the patron of kings, torture victims, wolves, and against the plague and pandemics.

Today, November 20th is his feast day.  Saint Edmund, please pray for us!


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